There May be More in That Wine Bottle Than You Bargained For!

You thought you were buying a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. But is that really what’s inside that bottle? The truth is, there are literally hundreds of things that can be added to wine to make it more Cabernet-ish or more Chardonnnay-ish. It’s the dirty little secret of winemaking that most consumers are totally unaware of. Most of the things that are added to wines are harmless. The problem is, if you think that wine you’re in love with is the product of meticulous boutique winemaking, there’s a good chance it’s more about chemistry instead… which means it’s not really the result of excellent craftsmanship, but rather, a coverup using all sorts of things to boost everything from acid to fruitiness. Beyond that, so much of the wine that you purchase at national and regional stores may have found its way to the production facility by way of a tanker truck. That may not bother you, and its really a personal choice because, if you like it, none of this may really matter. Nonetheless, its probably good to know what really is going on behind the scenes of highly commercial winemaking and with the help of world-class winemaker Adam Lazarre, host David Wilson unpacks the often untold truth about big league winemaking. This podcast promises to be a real eyeopener that will prove to be enlightening before you purchase and open a bottle that may not be what you think it is.

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