August 2019


Grandma’s Food and Wine Lessons From the Old World

Where do great chefs and winemakers get their imagination and work ethic from?  In a delightful conversation with Dan Marca, co-owner of Dancin Vineyard, just a mile or two away from Jacksonville, Oregon, revelations run rampant about the influence Dan...

What makes a wine good. Its a tougher question than you might think. 0

What Makes a Wine Good?

It seems like a simple enough question. What makes a wine good? Well, as you’ll learn from this podcast, simple questions sometimes have very complicated answers. This discussion will make your head spin and certainly pique your curiosity as David...


Welcome Total Wine & More!

Grape Encounters Radio, the leading nationwide wine-radio and podcasting network, proudly announces the beginning of a sponsorship agreement with the nation’s largest retailer of fine wine, Total Wine & More. David Wilson, creator and CEO of Grape Encounter Radio announced...