Decadence Redefined!

Maybe I’m about to tell you something that you already know, but it always great to learn about research that confirms that we’re doing something right for a change.

It’s a ritual repeated in tens of thousands of homes around the world.  You kick off your shoes after a long day, uncork your favorite wine, sit back and sip your way to a more peaceful place.  Or, maybe you hop into a tub of suds with a bottle of bubbly at your side.  Yep, life just seems to be a little better thanks to that fruit of the vine.  Seems, or is?

Well, it turns out that research from the Boston University School of Medicine demonstrates that regular and moderate wine consumption by middle-aged adults may very well improve the quality of life.

These researchers used something called the Health Utilities Index, which looks at factors ranging from dexterity and mobility to emotions and cognition to measure the quality of life.

The study included 5404 middle-aged Canadians who were observed over an extended period of time.  What researcher concluded it that those who consumed in moderation had a measurably better score than those who abstained.  Now the researcher’s definition of moderation is no more than 3 glasses a day for women and 4 a day for men.  4 a day?  I’m thinking moderation means something very different in the northern half of the continent!  In the interest of encouraging responsibility, please don’t assume that if a little is good, a lot is great.  It doesn’t work that way!

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