Tinker With Imperfect Wine?

If it doesn't taste great, you don't have to live with it.  Just change it instead!
If a wine doesn’t taste great, You can improve it on your own!

You can try on pants or shoes before you buy them. The guy at the mall food court will even give you a piece of his Teriyaki Chicken on a toothpick before you buy some. With wine, it can be quite a different story. Sure, you can taste wine at a tasting room and some wine bars before you buy, but, too often, whey you buy wine from a retailer, you have to roll the dice and hope that $40 you spent wasn’t in vain. Well the good news is, even if the wine is not what you expected it to be, there’s a pretty good chance you can fix it! We know! That sounds sacrilegious, but even the biggest names in the wine business are okay with the practice and, in the case of legendary winemaker Michael Mondavi, even encourage doing so. Look… It’s your wine. You paid for it, and if you can’t return it, at the very least, there’s no reason to suffer through it. It’s an all new way of thinking about wine, thanks to your host David Wilson, who’s established himself as quite a maverick in the wine business by way of his 10-years-running nationally syndicated radio program, Grape Encounters.

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