Can Wine be Taken too Seriously?

Don’t get us wrong… We can get pretty fanatical about wine at times, too. We just want to make sure that folks who just want to enjoy wine for its pure pleasure, rather than it’s immense intricacies, don’t feel alienated when the venture out into the world of wine. We haven’t been able to locate any meaningful study that breaks wine consumers down into catatgories ranging from “casual drinker” to “hardcore wine geek,” but we’re pretty certain that the vast majority are consumers who truly enjoy their wine but don’t care to overthink it too much.

Hence, when you find yourself in a tasting room trying to discover something new and delicious to enjoy, you may not need to have that enthusiastic person behind the bar drill down to the minute details that may not matter to you. That being said, it is actually a courtesy to let the person assisting you know what your level of interest is so that you fan both be on the same page. And if you feel that you’re now getting less information than you want, you can always say, “Tell me more.”

Those of us who make our living in the wine business or are perhaps avid collectors, can sometimes get overly enthusiastic about our fermented fare, so never be afraid of saying “TMI.” That may be all it takes to have a much more pleasant wine exploration experience.