Grape Encounters Radio Show

Heard in most major markets across the US, Grape Encounters Radio, hosted by David Wilson, is the #1 Wine Radio Broadcast in America.  Now in its 10th year, Grape Encounters shares much of the quirky, off-the wall style and content that you will enjoy in THE WINE IS TALKING.  There are nearly 500 archived episodes to listen to online or download.

The Grape Encounters Empourium

Imagine being able to go visit a place oozing with ambiance where you can drink great wines and talk to your favorite host one-on-one along with lots of other fans and like-minded people.  Located  in the renowned world class wine country of California's Central Coast, It's a must-stop visit for every true wine enthusiast. See why it earns perfect 5 stars!

Let's Go Wine Shopping

Every week, host David Wilson hand selects wines from around the world that he is certain you'll go bonkers for.  Great values, unique discoveries and themed packs that will really knock your socks off, there's nothing not to love when you go shopping online for some truly incredible wine.  Check out what's hot this week and order online!

Wine Club

$89 and Change Makes This the Best Wine Club Value in America!

The Inner Circle Wine Club introduces you to 3 extraordinary wines every quarter and much more!  These aren't closeouts or bargain basement wines.  Each has been hand curated personally by David Wilson for exceptional quality, value and the prospect of an amazing wine drinking experience!

Visit Us in California Wine Country!

Don't just listen to our podcasts and broadcast... come and visit us in person on California's Central Coast!  Our Wine Bar is surrounded by some of the world's finest wine regions; no matter which direction you turn!  Call us or email us via the Contact Form on this website.  We'll help you put together an unforgettable wine getaway!

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Do You Have a Wine Question?

If you have wine questions or an idea for a future podcast, simply click the button to the right!  We're eager to hear from you and are committed to answering any questions you may have, any time.  We'll give you a swift response, so fire away!