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We're All-Inclusive!

THE WINE IS TALKING takes you to the heart of the wine enjoyment experience and invites you to be a part of it. The podcast equally respects the knowledge, experience and expertise of everyone from the seasoned winemaker, to the highly educated wine scholar to the inexperienced (eager to learn) newbie.  Accordingly, we communicate on a level that excludes no one. and take the conversation to places where most wine conversations rarely go.

There is little doubt that the more you learn about wine, the more you are likely to appreciate it.  But appreciation doesn't always translate into enjoyment.  THE WINE IS TALKING explores everything from tricks of the trade to vino street smarts; giving you insights into taking each wine experience to a higher level or at least some very unexpected places.  On THE WINE IS TALKING, textbook learning is out because, at the end of the day, the only grade that matters is having an A+ experience.

Wine Talk for You, Yeah You!

There was a time, not long ago, when wine tasting was regarded as something done by people with specially trained palates and sophisticated sensibilities. Today, wine is being consumed by hundreds of millions of people who drink it simply because it is what they love. THE WINE IS TALKING is about the colorful people, the places, the ambiance and the passion that makes wine drinking one of the world’s most popular pastimes. But even more than that, it's about the stories that are probably not on other wine journalists' radar.  We dig deep to bring you insights and information you likely won't find other places, all in a very lighthearted, interactive and downright comedic way.

Think of THE WINE IS TALKING as your personal audio guide to special wine-related discoveries and memorable experiences. Nothing pretentious here so we may not be a perfect fit for wine snobs, but you can listen in anytime you want.

THE WINE IS TALKING is lighthearted, interactive and a very good time, taking listeners out of the studio and into some pretty crazy places.  Vineyards and wineries are certainly interesting, but they do start to look a lot alike after a while.  So sure, we take our mikes to wine country and talk to the pros, but we also spend a lot of time with folks who can spin some mighty interesting yarns and tell you a thing or two about accidental discoveries and outrageous epiphanies.

Meet Our Team of Podnosticators

David Wilson, Host of The Wine is Talking

David Wilson

Host, Maverick & Co-Founder David Wilson’s public speaking career began in high school where he was an award-winning orator and debater.   David went on to compete in speech and debate at Pepperdine University’s Malibu campus, where he eventually taught and...

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Steven Goldstein

Executive Producer Steven Goldstein is CEO of Amplifi Media, which advises top media companies and podcasters on strategy, content development and monetization for on-demand audio including podcasting and smart speakers. Prior to founding Amplifi, Steve’s sharp focus on cultural and...

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Michael O'Shea Headshot

Michael O’Shea

Co-Founder & Radio Icon Michael O’Shea is a 40- year radio veteran who has served at virtually every level of radio broadcast and management including: General Manager, Market Manager, Group Head and Company COO and CEO. In addition to bringing...

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