The Truth About Restaurant Wine and Wine Lists

I’m David Wilson and for the past ten years, I’ve hosted the number one nationally-syndicated wine radio show.  I also operate a very unusual wine bar.  Time in the trenches has taught me that, regardless of your level of expertise, textbook knowledge isn’t enough. I think what wine consumers really want to know is how to make smart decisions… where to go for awesome experiences… and how to enjoy wine more.  You’ll see what I mean on today’s podcast about wine served in restaurants.  The Truth About Restaurant Wines Will Set You Free!

Maybe you don’t give wine lists and wine served in restaurants too much thought.  But there’s a lot going on you might not be aware of like the ridiculous markup on a glass of wine.  My mission is to enlighten and empower you.  Toward the end of the podcast, I’ll share my restaurant wine do’s and don’ts:  From sniffing the cork to sending back wine to the question of how much you should really tip on a bottle of wine.

I’ve invited a major pro to join me in the conversation; William Carter, who was Executive Chef at the Playboy Mansion and Personal Chef to a fellow named Hef for nearly 3 decades.  He’s a goldmine of inside information has been long-time consultant to top restaurants around the country where he’s developed a whole lot of wine lists   Today, William and his wife Katherine, operate the Canyon Villa, an award-winning inn in Paso Robles California.  If you want the unfiltered truth about any aspect of the food and wine business, William is your guy.

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