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This is where you’ll find some intriguing, humorous and entertaining stories from the world of wine.


Welcome Total Wine & More!

Grape Encounters Radio, the leading nationwide wine-radio and podcasting network, proudly announces the beginning of a sponsorship agreement with the nation’s largest retailer of fine wine, Total Wine & More. David Wilson, creator and CEO of Grape Encounter Radio announced...


Out With the Old Ways!

The times are definitely changing.  When my parents were first getting into wine, there were probably only a dozen or so wines to choose from.  Today, it’s an altogether different situation.  Unfortunately, a whole lot of people are living in...


Living The Maverick Wine Life

We hate to break anyone’s bubble, but wine is not sacred.  Not every bottle measures up to your expectations.  When that is the case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with tinkering with your wine.  “Blasphemy” you say?  Not so fast. ...


Decadence Redefined!

Maybe I’m about to tell you something that you already know, but it always great to learn about research that confirms that we’re doing something right for a change. It’s a ritual repeated in tens of thousands of homes around...