Grandma’s Food and Wine Lessons From the Old World

Grandma knows best!

Where do great chefs and winemakers get their imagination and work ethic from? ┬áIn a delightful conversation with Dan Marca, co-owner of Dancin Vineyard, just a mile or two away from Jacksonville, Oregon, revelations run rampant about the influence Dan and David’s little Italian Grandmothers had on the careers they enjoy today.

If you think old-world values and attention to quality are a thing of the past, you’ll be pleased to learn that simply isn’t the truth and plenty of folks in the wine and culinary world take many of their cues from cheek-pinching Grandmas who could churn out a pasta sauce as masterful as a $500 Cabernet.

Join David and Dan as they reflect on days gone bye and consider just how potent that old world influence really was!

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