The Dynamics of Bio-Dynamics

Yes, you really are looking at cow horns filled with their own manure. Okay, it certainly seems peculiar, but it is actually an import part of Bio-Dynamic winemaking. To learn how it all works, give a listen to Episode 6.

Bio-Dynamic wine is one of winemaking’s biggest mysteries. It has strong cosmic connects and is based on strong reverence for natural winemaking practices and regard for the planet. This is a great opportunity to learn what it is all about. On this podcast, Host David Wilson takes you to Troon Vineyard in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. David’s Guest is Nate Winters, the National Sales Manager for Troon whose duties, like others on the Troon team, go far beyond his job description.

Why do they bury cow horns filed with manure? What role does the moon play in the grape growing and winemaking process? If you’re not aware of Bio-Dynamic winemaking principles, this is going to be a very eye-opening conversation for you. Oh, and here’s the best part… Even though some consider it to be winemaking voodoo, the results will certainly convince you that there’s something truly magical going on here!

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