Uncloaking the Mystery of Italian Wines



Why are Italian wines such a mystery? Well, consider this… There are actually more than 2000 grape varietals grown in Italy; the number one wine producing country in the world. We’re familiar with a small handful of these varietals, but probably 99% of the grapes grown there are completely off our radar.

One fellow who has come to know an awful lot about Italian wines is Paul Cullen. If his name sounds familiar, then perhaps you are a Bad Company fan. Yep, Paul was the bass player for the mega rock group for several years until his passion for food and wine pulled him in a very different direction. Oh, Paul is still playing and singing… but he’s doing it while he’s pouring your wine and preparing your supper! Paul is still boarding tour busses. They just happen to be in Italy where he takes droves of wine lovers in search of a deeper knowledge of wines from the home of Pasta and Primitivo!

On this edition of The Wine is Talking, Paul joins David in a discussion that will hopefully help you navigate the basics of Italian wines. Oh, to be sure, you won’t be an expert by the end of the podcast, but you will most certainly be in a much better position to move up to the next rung of the Italian wine ladder. So uncork a Barbera and let’s take off on a whirlwind trip to Italy. The Pasta-bilities are endless!