Bored With Bottles? Bring on the Box!

Oh, how far we have come!  There was a time not so long ago that we wouldn’t have even considered drinking a wine with a screw cap, let alone wine sold in a box.  The times, however, are changing… and some very delicious wines are finding their way into cardboard containers.

In reality, the wine is far more likely to remain pristine in the “bag in the box” container than even the finest glass bottle.  To make the case for drinking boxed wines is David’s special guest, renowned winemaker, Adam Lazarre… a fellow responsible for some of the most iconic wines in the world.

So  what does Adam think about serving wine out of the box?  Well,  you’ll probably be quite surprised.  But remember, one of Adam’s most successful brands is really taking the world by storm, ever since it was bottled in cans.

It’s a spirited discussion about changing norms in the wine industry, and you’ll want to tune in for every enlightening sip on this episode of The  Wine is Talking!