There are few sayings more cliché than “aging like fine wine.” The problem is, not all wine benefits from aging. In Fact, these days, winemakers are creating most of their wines for immediate consumption. Why? Because American’s are all about instant gratification and a general lack of patience. OK, that doesn’t include all of us, but it’s why the vast majority of wines on the market were not created with the notion that they would spend a great deal of time in a cellar.

The Good news is, if you want to experience the joys of aging wines that truly will benefit from cellar time, you’ll get the basics that you really need to know in this episode of the wine is talking. Which wines age well? Which ones don’t? What characteristics should a wine have that will make it a great candidate for an extended nap? Join your host David Wilson for easy to absorb explanation of the things you need to know to successfully tuck wine away for future and greater enjoyment.