Red, White, Rosé or ORANGE?

“Orange” you glad you tried it?

For the past few years, Rosé wines have been coming on like gangbusters, causing us to think not just about red and white, but also about pink. But just as we’ve gotten used to separating wines into three major catagories, here comes a hot and heavy 4th! Is orange the new red, white or pink?

Yep, you heard right… orange wine and no, it is not made from oranges! It’s actually a method of winemaking that dates back around 6000 years but certainly did take it’s sweet time to catch on. Today, however, especially among a growing cult wine following, orange wines are the thing. Think of them like white wines on steroids.

On this episode of The Wine is Talking, David visits with Michael Kirkpatrick of Ruby Cellars; a small boutique winery on California’s Central Coast which has become widely known for innovation. Join David and Michael as they give you the colorful tale of an unlikely wine color!